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REALSIM Mixed-Reality Solution

REALSIM, an innovative company in the mixed-reality sector, sought a way to effectively support training for organizations such as fire departments, police, and the military.

REALSIM Mixed-Reality Solution

Initial Situation

For a mixed-reality solution developed by REALSIM, the possibility of efficient license and model management was to be created. The management of users, licenses, and devices should be executable via a user-friendly interface.


  • Implementation of license, user, and model management.
  • Provision and distribution of application and model updates during the validity period of the licenses.
  • Introduction of an online store for purchasing and expanding holographic models and functions.


Since 2019, a collaboration has existed between REALSIM and codeaware, with codeaware handling the server and license management. The goal of license management is to uniquely link the Microsoft HoloLens and other mixed-reality devices with customers and purchased models via a license key. During the validity period of the licenses, all released application and model updates are delivered to the customer devices. The server infrastructure itself is implemented in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

In January 2021, REALSIM Store was launched, offering individual possibilities to expand the Holopackage®. Organizations can choose and purchase from a wide selection of models to be used in custom-created training scenarios. The Holopackage® enables practice-based training that sensibly combines real locations and holographic objects to optimally complement the individual skills of the trainees.

Thomas Peterseil
Thomas Peterseil
Owner / CEO

„REALSIM is a highly innovative Austrian company operating internationally in the field of mixed reality. As an industry expert in novel visualization forms, REALSIM provides appropriate solutions that meet specific operational requirements in military and police settings today and in the future. The specialty lies in training and further education with holographic support. Real training objects can be overlaid with holograms through our patented process. To ensure the best possible result for our customers, codeaware supports us. An excellent company that meets the requirements and wishes precisely.”

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Throughout the entire collaboration to date, there has been ongoing support and feature enhancements as needed.

You can learn more about REALSIM here:
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Visit the REALSIM Store for more details.

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