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Initial Situation

The founders of codeaware GmbH, Ing. Manuel Studener and Ing. Philipp Doblhofer, are deeply rooted in volunteer work and are involved in the fire department. Due to the importance and valuable time voluntarily invested, there was a need for an efficient solution for managing and organizing internal fire department appointments.


  • Development of an app for clear and structured communication of internal appointments in the fire department.
  • Reaching all members easily and quickly to reduce planning and administrative effort.
  • Ensuring the availability of the app on all devices (laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet) for easy use.
  • Integration with the alarm system for emergency notifications with feedback function.


codeaware GmbH has programmed a user-friendly app specifically tailored to the needs of the fire department. The app enables clear and structured communication of internal appointments, ensuring that all members can be reached quickly and easily. This sustainably reduces planning and administrative effort.

The app was developed in-house and has been successfully used in our own fire department for years. Since January 2019, the solution has also been available to other fire departments.

Continuous developments have added features such as waiting lists, a messaging function, appointment statistics, appointment reminders, as well as emergency notifications including a route map and the ability to provide feedback on one’s availability.

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