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Web-based Duty Roster Tool

Efficient duty scheduling and documentation for critical infrastructures

Web-based Duty Roster Tool

Initial Situation

For a company in the field of critical infrastructure, it is essential that qualified personnel are always available for each shift. Traditional duty roster tools often fail to meet this requirement. An efficient and customized shift planning solution was needed to ensure continuous readiness and document relevant events and activities.


  • Development of a web-based duty roster tool for secure and efficient shift planning.
  • Ensuring that qualified personnel are assigned to each shift.
  • Automatic verification of the staffing of all necessary positions during shift scheduling and issuing warnings for unstaffed positions.
  • Integration of a duty log for documenting relevant events, activities, and checks.
  • Implementation of a messaging and duty instruction function with active read confirmation.
  • Time recording for performing evaluations of activity areas.


The developed web-based shift planning tool offers a comprehensive solution for shift planning in the critical infrastructure sector. The personnel data lists the necessary qualifications of the employees, and the system automatically checks during shift scheduling whether all services are sufficiently staffed. If not, a warning is issued to allow for rescheduling.

In addition to shift planning, the tool includes a duty log where relevant events, necessary activities, and checks can be documented. The ability to send messages and duty instructions with active read confirmation allows for relevant messages to be recorded and sent to all employees.

The time recording of corresponding activities allows evaluations of various activity areas, which can be used for both controlling purposes and the billing of services to external companies.

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