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CPLD / FPGA Development

Efficient solutions for complex and critical requirements. We develop customized FPGA and CPLD solutions for you.

CPLD / FPGA Development
From Idea to Product

From Idea to Product

Where no processor is sufficient, FPGAs or CPLDs are often used: For safety-critical requirements, the fastest possible response times are often necessary, and the largest possible data can be processed with high performance and in parallel.

Through the reconfigurable logic blocks, hardware-near digital implementations are possible without having to forgo the adaptability of classic software.

Application Areas

Where a microcontroller or processor is no longer sufficient due to (real-time) requirements, performance, or data flood:

  • Signal and data processing
  • Image processing
  • Filters and controls
  • Safety-critical applications
  • Interface and protocol implementations
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Measurement systems

Our Tools

Typically, development is done in Verilog or VHDL. There are a variety of manufacturers offering suitable FPGAs or CPLDs depending on the applications. These can be selected according to project requirements.
Our Tools

Your Benefit

The advantage of using FPGAs and CPLDs is that despite the high-performance hardware-near implementation, the behavior can be subsequently adjusted within wide limits and easily reprogrammed. This saves costs and brings enormous flexibility. Compared to processors, asynchronous behavior and maximum parallelizability can also be implemented, enabling very high data throughput and low response times that would otherwise never be achievable.

We offer you the solution from a single source and are of course there for you even after a market launch, supporting you with possible function extensions or maintenance activities.

This continuous support with us as a reliable contact person, from the idea to beyond the product launch, not only ensures efficient communication and decision-making but also allows for flexible adaptation to new requirements and conditions during the project.

Thanks to our technology openness and experience with agile projects, we are flexible and adaptable to even the most complex requirements.

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