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HENRI. The Volunteer Award.

The "HENRI. The Volunteer Award." was presented for the 10th anniversary by the Red Cross Upper Austria on March 22, 2018, to socially committed projects, companies, and individuals. codeaware GmbH is honored to have been recognized with this award.

HENRI. The Volunteer Award.
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On March 22, 2018, the “HENRI. The Volunteer Award” was presented for the 8th time to socially committed projects, companies, and individuals.

During a ceremonial act, the winners in 9 different categories were honored. We at codeaware GmbH are delighted to have been awarded the HENRI. The Volunteer Award in the category “Micro and Small Businesses up to 50 Employees.”

Our voluntary commitment extends well before the founding of our young company - the majority of the senior staff are, for example, long-standing members of volunteer fire brigades, some even at the command level. In addition to “manpower” in the event of deployment and training operations, we naturally also provide our professional skills.

We see ourselves as Digital Volunteers. For us, this means supporting organizations like the Red Cross and fire brigades in the area of social media or online marketing to recruit and retain new voluntary members. Also, Digital Volunteering for us means prioritizing product benefit over financial gain. This means the product’s benefit should serve the voluntary organization, not the profit of our company.

Specifically, for example, we manage the IT and website of a volunteer fire brigade, as well as develop our own app. This app, among other things, makes it easy to plan and organize fire brigade-internal exercises and events.

Since January 21, 2019, we have made the app available to all other fire brigades. For more information, see the article Showcase:

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Photo from left to right: Philipp Doblhofer, Mag. Angela Weltler, Ing. Manuel Studener, RK-President Dr. Walter Aichinger. Photographer: Wolfgang Kunasz-Herzig.